A handwoven Kanjeevaram, a part of the trousseau suitcase that my mother-in-law prepared for me.
The bride has to go for what is known as “pag phere” or “Ahor Bahor” in UP – basically her brothers pick her up in the morning to go to her parents’ house after freshening up in her new home on the day after the wedding, to be picked up later by the groom. The custom is that the bride wears one of the sarees gifted by her in-laws. I was so sleepy, and so confused, that I pulled out the first saree my hand could find inside that burgeoning suitcase. Out came this beautiful rich emerald saree with a gorgeous maroon combination. While it was plain and it was clear my MIL would have liked me to wear something more golden embroidered (bridal, as per her), I fell in love at first sight with this beauty.
My late-lateef brothers arrived late and they had ALL my luggage with them, resulting in me waiting for them after getting ready. There was no time after they came, so it meant absolutely no make-up for me – not even kajal or lipstick for a girl married for less than a day. My sleep deprived face could have done with some foundation at least, humphh.
But I need not have worried, the saree was so gorgeus it covered for any attractiveness deficiency I was suffering from 🙂
I love this one, and have worn it once in office as well, last winter. The Delhi summers do not allow for heavy Kanjeevaram wearing, but I’m eagerly awaiting winters so I dish out and shine like an emerald in this jewel again 🙂