A saree in my life is synonymous to ‘Being Together’ maybe because i have usually draped them during functions, festivals and special occasions, which always brought together so many people! Over time, i have realised that the reason i wore a saree was because i longed to be with people. My People. My Family. I live away from them now, and miss all the lovely celebrations, where my aunts, siblings and mom are all decked up in their 9 yards. I long to wear a saree and be part of this ‘Togetherness’

The first time I wore a saree on my own was when I was a little girl, who wanted to get my Mom’s attention and tell her that I am a grown-up woman who could accompany her anywhere and everywhere! I guess i just wanted to be with her 🙂
Today, when i wear my sarees, I love to look into my mom’s eyes, where she is proud of the woman i have become. I long for those lovely compliments from my darling husband. I enjoy the power i suddenly regain of being the Bahu of the house! And all this because of my Sarees!

I wouldn’t wear my saree if i were alone. Yes, there would be no one to take my pictures and selfies don’t do justice to the entire attire…..but more importantly who would fold these loooong apparel and unbutton my back button blouses? 😛

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