From ages, the essence of the festival season has always been vibrant markets displaying fineries, flowers, decorations and every small commodity that help us usher into these celebrations. There would not be a soul around whose heart would not skip a beat while passing by the colourful streets and suppress the craving of indulging in a little shopping.

No matter how crowded the markets are, we all want to catch those rainbow colours. Welcoming the Elephant God calls each one of us to put up our best. Like every year, I love spending some hours exploring the streets and buying some beautiful flowers, silk apparels for the Gods, the Pooja artefacts and more.

The only thing that has changed this year is that I dared to venture out on this task today wearing a saree and no other comfort clothing… Of course like they say, it’s all in the mind.. So if the mind says, it’s easy then it is. A mighty thank you to the Sareepact, slowly getting used to wearing more sarees…and also able to tread with ease.

This blue Murshidabad silk almost a decade old, yet feels new and the colours bursting with life. Old is gold ?

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