The Sari is the oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. The word ‘Sari’ is derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Sati’…. Sati meaning a piece of cloth. This sound first evolved as Sadi and then corrupted with time into Sari.

Research hints that the Sari originated in the Indus Valley civilisation in 2800 to 1800 BC. Isn’t that light years ago? For us, it is almost hard to imagine how the women must be draping these 6 to 9 yards long weave around themselves and attending to the arduous chores of life back then. This garment has indeed come of age.

Today the Saree is the most sensuous, elegant attire that a woman can flaunt. The ever changing times have also given many an artisans, weavers, painters and all those labourers a chance to showcase their skills who strive towards embellishing these 6 yards and infusing in them a new life time and again.

Typically in a Saree, the midriff is left bare. According to the ancient Hindus, the navel is considered as the source of life and the origin of all the energies. This could be mainly because the foetus is fed through it.

The other day an inquisitive question darted from my daughter, “Mom, how must Rani Laxmibai be draping the saree and managing horse riding, sword fighting or even swimming miles with it?” And this one line actually sent me back in time, wandering and having a deep urge to be able to meet all such women and learn a little from them so I could be able to enlighten my little girl.

Lastly, An honest confession, “Euphoria is when your daughter wants to wear your sarees” .. Such ecstasy when the other day she draped this Paithani sari from my wardrobe for a puja at home.

Now I know, why my mom’s eyes would glitter when she saw me in a Saree of hers for the first time. Priceless the feeling when you get answers to those questions which I never got as a child but I get as a mom today..As if from heaven my mother silently whispered like she always did, “you will know when you become a mother” and my eyes stare at the sky as I join my hands and go down on my knees thanking her for what I am today. ?

The Sari, I never knew could stir the soul with such intricate memories and give me a high to live on.

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