Being a fairly good student at school and college, most of my family and teachers had huge expectations from me. I always wanted to take up English or History for higher studies but in those days noone expected a bright student to take up anything but Science. I was a born rebel. Although I didn’t get my way entirely I opted for the then lesser known stream of commerce which at that time was not available in the convent where I had been studying for the last ten years. I had to change schools to pursue my choice of subject. After a lot of arguments and disappointment my father finally relented. For the next five years of my life I devoted myself to the Economics of a subject which was picked not by choice but as a distraction for not being allowed to do what I wanted as well as not giving in to what others expected from me. 2So naturally while I was doing well in the subject I had no inclination of pursuing a profession in that direction. Then marriage happened. I found myself shifting and shuttling between four different states in the span of a year. I could not see myself doing anything worthwhile except following my husband all over the country. Not something I had ever imagined myself doing but I was enjoying life like never before. Then I had my first baby. It was only after she started going to school, I realised I had to pull myself up and with the kind of profession my husband is in …I thought teaching would be the most sensible thing to pursue. So with a toddler in tow I took up my first teaching job in a pre primary school. I have never ever looked back or regretted my decision. I love this job. It is a special calling. One can see the fruits of ones labour in a short time. A smile or a hug from a student can warm up the entire day. It is a great stress buster to see how the little ones hang on to every word I say. They love you without any inhibitions. I wouldn’t trade my profession for any other if given an opportunity. Although I may be a teacher by chance but I believe it was my destiny.
Wore this gorgeous pure silk bandhani in royal blue and grey from my wedding trousseau picked up again from a shop in New Market, Kolkata for the Teachers Day celebrations in school today.
Here’s wishing all my teachers and colleagues a very happy Teachers Day.

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