#7 on the pact

Ah you are wearing a saree, is there anything special?, is a question that many would ask and almost made me wondered that it was me who was responsible for it. The vagaries of life often draw us into picking up the most facile option at our disposal, here in terms of the attire that I am talking about. The blue denims were my best companions when I had to rush to a supermarket or school or a quick coffee with friends. Teaming it up with almost any kind of kurta or shirts was easy on the pocket too coz I could have one pair of jeans and just buy multiple tops to go with it. Also a legging and a Kurti felt easy to wear and elegant too. Everybody was so used to seeing me either in a pair of jeans and a top and the Indian ethnics, the churidars and salwar kameezes. Sarees, oh god!! I wear them only at special pujas or a wedding in the family and some very formal outing was a mantra that I lived by till now.

The cupboard full of sarees and I would only open it sporadically. Wearing a saree felt cumbersome given that it needed a choli or a blouse with it. And know what, getting the blouses stitched from the designer or the tailor would be the most challenging task ever. Many of my friends will agree on this, isn’t it? The right fit, the time taken by them to get it ready and I swear, by that time I would almost loose the zeal to drape that saree.

But with changing times, mix n match was something that I began trying. No more needed to wear the same blouse that came with the saree. I realised it made life so simple. Pulling out more sarees and wearing them even on casual outings is what I have learnt from this sareepact. We need to give this honour to these 6 yards. After all, it is the traditional attire that binds us all together into this diverse culture of our beautiful country.

Bring those sarees out, show them off and make heads turn. ??

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