#6 on the Pact.

“Every friend was once a stranger”… This one line has often been a guiding light whenever I have my inhibitions of breaking the ice and reaching out to new acquaintances. It is more like that lighthouse in the midst of an ocean full of waves that keep hitting the shores of the heart. It helps as a guide to attend to that inner voice which beckons to reach out to new people, learn newer things from them so as to foster growth within an inquisitive me.

How beautiful it is when this urge gives you a platform as wonderful as this #100sareepact wherein one gets a stage to interact, express and share views on the almost lost attire called the SAREE.

One day prior to this Mumbai saree date and I was not very sure whether I would make it given loads of responsibilities at home which almost hold me back in venturing into newer places most of the times. But this time I had to go. If I did not, it would only mean assassination of that inner voice and silencing it forever.

The day dawned and I knew I had to wear this pink saree gifted to me by my mother in law. She has been an equally radiant light in my life, supporting me every single time when I tend to have a feud within me. Cheerfully I draped myself in this pink beauty and when I reached there I was almost swept off my feet. An array of beautiful ladies, all resplendent in the 6 yards, elegant and so friendly as if the warmth helped me bask in warmth and wipe out the chill that had grappled me.

After spending a cracker of an afternoon giggling and soaking into new insights from everyone there, I returned full of joy, contentment and maybe a little more fearless. It has helped me to emerge more happier than I ever felt before. There is goodness all around, is what I learnt from this day ….Thank you Mumbai Saree Date, perhaps less on words I am to express gratitude to all of you.

Special mention to a friend Shilpa Dodihal who has been a soulmate in more than many ways. Without her company I would dare not try to go where I had not been before.

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