Was humming “Mohe shyam rang rang dai de” all day today…..a beautiful song from Bandhini with lyrics penned by my eternal favourite poet Gulzar- so decided to wear a peacock blue handloom cotton silk saree with a silver border – in honour of my favourite irrepressible Ghanshyam – lord Krishna ………Happy Janmashthmi folks!!
Of course it is nice to remember that hubby was supposed to have been born on Janmashthmi too-No wonder he is such a prankster 😉
Celebrated Janmashthmi with our traditional dish Gunda &Tharai da Per as it is called in tulu – (don’t know the eng translation)- a type of idli steamed and made in a handmade baskets of jackfruit leaves (from my garden) which is eaten with a sweet banana, jaggery and coconut milk concoction which I simply love …yup the best part of festivals is the eating part isn’t it 😉
Also sewing the baskets together with tiny twigs took me back to my childhood memories in my ancestral home in Mangalore when we used to make these baskets and then fill them with cherries or karande as we call them- that we used to pick from the shrubs on the mountainside and then savour it sitting on a big rock with my cousins and babi Akka – what lovely memories !!
Accessorised this cherished saree – a gift from my sis in law for my 10th wedding anniversary with a silver and blue beaded neckpiece and a lovely bracelet from my favourite bespoke art 🙂

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