#3 on the pact.

The onset of festivities and it’s time to bring out the traditional fineries. Bought this beautiful Garad, (Gorod)more commonly a Tussar silk saree that is undyed, from the heart of Kolkata’s Garia haat. Shopping with sister in laws and the extended family there is about loads of giggles, banter and not to mention food which is almost a lifeline for Bongs. This saree whenever I touch feels like heaven bringing with it an avalanche of memories of the aroma of chai in a kulhad that we sip while rummaging through the endless stores checking out for these sarees, the Moghlais, kathi rolls, phuchkas (pani puri), all the street food and all those sinful, yummy spread of sweets……A white and red Tusshar silk is a gem close to the heart of every Bong lady including me. The dull gold lustre that the silk exudes makes it ravishingly elegant and a piece to flaunt and cherish for ages. For any auspicious occasion, what more fitting an ensemble than a beige and red coloured Tussar sari. What fascinates me about this silk is the moth from which it is made. They say that if you can closely look at its wings, you almost catch a reflection of yourself. So truly this silk radiates a classy sheen, hard to escape.

I could drape it on countless occasions and yet not get weary.