The morning of Rakshabandhan and the excitement of catching up with cousins wakes me up even before the first rays of sunshine peep from behind the curtains. This time though, a grey had taken hold of the sky. It’s monsoon and the rains are much needed but often on festivities like these, it can act as a dampener and mar the mood. Adding to it is an avalanche of memories of a brother who now is among the stars above and a beautiful part of the albums. The sky stoops down on such days and lending a loving hand says, “here I am, cmon, dress up to your best, wear a smile and everything will brighten up.”

And Lo, then all smiling I raided the wardrobe and grabbed on this sunshine yellow to combat the blues. … A raw silk with hand work on the border seemed the best option among the other saris who kept leaping and begging me to pick them up. Yes yes these sarees are almost talking to me everyday as I promise to give each one a chance and allow them the luxury to bask in the sunlight outside the dark closet.

If it was only about meeting my cousins, I would perhaps think of a different attire for the day but it was also about catching up with all my dear uncles and aunts who enthusiastically look forward to this day. So I knew a Saree would do justice given that all our elders love the six yards so dearly and why not, these woven crafts are almost a part of our genes. It’s perhaps the most priceless thing, that twinkle in their eyes when they see you wrapped in these magical six yard beauties. For them, it is as if the most happy and proud feeling that we are keeping alive the traditions that they have handed over to us from generations.

Needless to say, a Saree and its colours when chosen carefully for an occasion can elevate the mood and combat the blues in an instant. Happy togetherness to all of you folks. Drape as many as you can and spread the beauty of this beauty called the Saree, elegance personified.

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