#2 on this pact. Every saree comes with a story and the whispers bring with them such delight always. Each saree embraces loving memories within those delicate folds. My heartfelt gratitude to this sareepact as I am slowly but steadily sliding down these 6 yard beauties from the hangers and folds that usually lay dormant inside the wardrobe to drape them around.
This saree was brought by my daughter last year whence on a study tour to God’s own country. The joy that I experienced when she called me from the store there to tell me that she picked this beauty for me and I swear I would need words beyond this planet for expression coz no words from the dictionaries here or my humble vocabulary will ever do justice to the feeling. Not really the saree but the emotions that come with it steal the show.Many a times gratitude manifests itself in tears and more when children grow up and think of you even when in a busy schedule far away. It is then when you lock up such love and treasures in the wardrobe of your soul so that you can take it with you even beyond the realms of this material world…am glad these 6 yards have inculcated these values in my little girl, of keeping in heart a mother who constantly showers her prayers on her and will forever. Priceless isn’t it. So I draped this regional beauty today , a Kerala saree on the occasion of Onam to express solidarity to all my beautiful fellow beings who celebrate this festival… Happy Onam and happy draping and sharing.

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