My second pick for the pact was this beautiful white khadi silk saree with a baby blue flower design border. This was bought about 25 years back from KVIC. This saree has been my favourite and one of my early wears. I draped it a lot during my MBA days, when the norm for seminars and presentations was to wear a saree. The white and blue would magically calm me down and however frayed my nerves, I always ended up feeling super cool and relaxed after draping this.
Interestingly, I don’t remember who bought this saree or for whom… It was either my Mom or my Sis, but ever since I saw the saree, it was love at first sight and I always assumed it was mine and kept it! Over the years this saree got hidden in my growing pile of “unworn” sarees, until recently I realized that this blouse (sticthed for another saree) was actually a perfect match for this one.
And so it was last morning as I headed for a long work day – hectic day at the office followed by a round table discussion with a couple of colleagues from the fraternity, and then dinner. The saree supported me very well and there was not a crease till late night. Once again I was the odd one out among the business suits. This pic was clicked about 11 pm after I was back, when I was describing my day to my husband and telling him that I was too tired to click a pic for the pact. I realized he had clicked this only after he sent me the pic this morning 

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