Sungudi selai (saree is called as “selai” in Tamil) is from South Tamilnadu, esp. from a village called Chinnalapatti. If you look at the sarees, it resemble tie and dye bandhini designs and block prints. How come north indian technique in south most part of india? The answer is Sourashtrians from Gujarat migrated to Tamilnadu long back and brought this technique here in South India. Even now, we can find many Sourashtrians living in Madurai and the surrounding areas doing saree business.
If I have to say about the sungudi sarees I am wearing, I need to tell about my childhood friend Sangeetha. We are friends from our school days and her father is into sungudi saree business. We lived in Tirunelveli of Tamilnadu (her father is still there doing the business). Her home is in the first floor and her shop is in the ground floor. The shop was and is one of the biggest attraction for me.. Whenever I went to meet her, I used to sit on her shop and gaze those colourful and attractive sungudi sarees. I used to think that when I grow up, I will buy lot of these sarees and wear each day 🙂
Sadly, when we grow up our priorities are getting changed and these kind of small small happiness are taking a back seat. Thanks to Anju and Ally for giving us space to cherish our memories and revive our small small happiness.
Both the sarees are from my friend’s shop which my mom gifted.. The black one is nearly 6 years old and the yellowish green is a new one which is selected by my friend herself.

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