Like 2 minutes noodles I drape this saree in 2 minutes. This saree is chosen by my mother-in-law not for me but for herself. When I saw her wearing this one instantly I liked this one. I connected with it instantly and I did’nt tell her that I liked it coz if I tell her she will give it to me even then she gave me this one may be this saree loved me and came to me. Even we connected with lifeless things means those which dont breath like us. I think these sarees, whomsoever it is. All have full of oxygen and life. I believe these sarees has so much energy and they transfer their energy to us. Let me tell about my saree. It has a beautiful print with slight 3line zari border and the fabric is silk mix and very light to wear. So I draped this saree today for myself not for this pact but took the picture for this 100sareepact. I always highlight my sarees only not me coz’ I love them.
I Love you 100sareepact from bringing my sarees into net. They are happy coz’ of you. May God bless you with not 100 but with innumerable zeroes adding to it.

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