I gave a name to this saree “my baby elephant”. It is the brightest, longest and heaviest saree in my wardrobe. It is in peach colour with ash colour border with a beautiful flower design on it. I wore this saree only for 100sareepact. I have to get a mood to wear this saree and wear only on puja at home just for an hour. I cant handle this saree more than an hour. It is very slippery that is the reason I sat and took this shot. I love this colour very much and gifted by my mother-in-law. unable to wear this saree due to its length she passed on to me. Being a saree lover I took it happily but hardly i wear this saree due to its slipperiness. Eventhough it is more than 25 years old it looks young from my other sarees. As it is a holiday I tried on it and I got the good shot. My best wishes to every one.

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