Sareepact and its magic wand! This 20 year old saree sees the light of the day after 2years. I love this colour and the shaded border spreading across to the body. Drapes like a dream, but material suitable to be worn only during the rainy season!
Memories associated with this takes me back to the Departmental Canteen of our sarkari office where we used to gather to have ‘chai pe charcha’… This lady at the counter had a collection of sarees, secretly exhibited only for female staff visiting the canteen… smile emoticon I was not a good customer as far as that lady is concerned. One day as I accompanied my female colleague to the canteen, this lady called us to her counter saying she has brought some beautiful printed synthetic sarees. Without a second thought I bought this saree, may be I can call it love at first sight! It costed me just Rs. 250/-… I get a few compliments too whenever I wear this! Can we say BEAUTY DOES NOT COME WITH MONEY?

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