This saree is full of Love coz it is given by my friend Surekha who is in Hyderabad now. We shared a great bond when we were together in Delhi. So this saree reminds me many beautiful memories of her. I dont pin up this saree I Let loose as she likes this way. She used to say “dont pin up the saree like a nurse, give freedom to the saree”. So whenever I wear this saree I do the samething whatever she told me. This saree is very soft and elegant with deep jamuni colour with ash colour border with small prints in the middle of the saree..Whever I wear it i get the fragrance of Love. Most I wear this saree in rainy and winter season…as it is rainy days in Delhi I picked up this saree today and clicked it for 100sareepact.. Thanks Anju n Ally for this great idea and your love for best wishes

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