I named this saree as “dancing saree” coz’ it dances upon me when I leave it without pinning it. It was given by my best friend Surekha while leaving to Hyderabad from Delhi. It has a memory of my friendship. It refreshes me again n again with love of friendship. This saree speaks to me of her language of love. So I kept it caringly so that I remains in my wardrobe forever. The saree is tussar and in grey colour with embroidary at pallu. The colour suits very well to my wheatish colour skin. If I go on writing about this saree it never ends. With love to my friend for giving me this saree n leaving her memories with me forever. Glad I have a friend like her to cherish. The way the saree is having its simplicity she also the same way simple and loving. Thanks to this 100sareepact for giving this opportunity to show my love to my friend through this pact.

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