44/100. A breezy day and an easy saree made the day much more than bearable for a very wheezy me. I hate colds, I do. And, to be honest, I am pretty hateful myself when I have the sniffles – irritable and quick to bite.

I thought of dosing myself with five and a half metres of easy elegance. This pretty coral-and-sea foam printed Italian crepe is one of my no-fuss sarees – an ‘airhostess’ saree is exact how I think of these as well. An aside – the ‘as well’ is for the ‘me too’ moment I had when I read one of Anju’s recent posts on an ‘airhostess’ sarees. 😊 .

This saree is about 10 years old and I paired it today with another old favourite – a lovely peach/coral top that is one of my fall-back favourites. Pearl and shell jewellery seemed the perfect match for the combination.

And when the wind blew hard, I could almost imagine that I was on a beach somewhere, with my pallu being pulled and not on my measly 15-minute break in the office backyard! An easy-breezy day it was, and I managed to get it over with without even the slightest urge to bite off anyone’s head. My saree medicine – that’s the difference! 😊

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