‪#‎100sreepact‬ 9/100
“Maaa… please hold him for a second…”
“O God, he is trying to go under the table.”
“See, your friends are here…given them a hug,,, hug… huggy.”
“Shall we all play musical chair?”
“Which color balloon do you want?”
“You want to taste the cake…muuaah!!”
“Please catch the gift, he will throw it back to you!”
All these beautiful memories raced my mind as I draped this saree last evening for a pooja. That beautiful evening was our son’s 1st year birthday. This saree is my 1st Mysore silk bought 21 years back for Rs.3,300…this blouse is new of course… this one is very close to my heart as it has loads of memories of a wonderful evening.

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