100sareepact 31/100
Moving on to my next saree, this is a new one & how did I get this?
Well, for a big occasion at home last year, in namma Bengaluru, as it’s a norm, bought lot of sarees. After dispersing to everyone on my guest list, a few remained. Gleefully I kept this saree for myself!
A cotton & silk combo having a traditional look and super light too!
Draped it today for the 1st time but I want to continue the story from my previous mail.
Remember how my husband’s name was misspelt as Greenwash?, mine & my son’s names weren’t spared either.😊
My name is conveniently spelt as ‘Ayesha’ instead of ‘Asha’ which I am sort of used to by now but my son’s name? Here’s another funny story.
There was this PTM at my son’s school. Off we went to meet the teacher. After exchanging pleasantries the teacher said, “Well, a few minutes back, a parent walked in & asked for your son because they wanted to see him.” As she said this, they were ushered in. The small boy said, ” Here is Underwood, my friend”… I couldn’t believe me ears!!! How can Anirudh be called Underwood & burst out laughing.
So, here we are Greenwash, Ayesha & Underwood!!!
Though not connected with this saree, thought of sharing it here as these episodes remain vivid in my memory!
Now, Anirudh is persuing his MS in the US & we often ask him if his name is pronounced properly! Hahaha….

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