‪#‎100sareepact‬ 33/100
Weekend outing :- To the Mall.
Attire :- Pant & top. Nay, a simple floral chiffon saree.
Agenda:- To take pictures for the saree pact😊
Feeling:- Amused because hadn’t been to any mall draping a saree!
Amused again because hadn’t stood in front of television sets to pose for photographs!!
What happened?
A) Many heads turned…!
B) A group of ladies wearing local attire, came up to me, showered compliments and asked the name of the “Red round” thing in between my eye brows! Repeated after me, bindi… bindi with happy giggles!😊
Mission accomplished.
Credits:- Thank you, Ally Matthanan Anju Maudgal Kadamam
Proud to be an Indian wearing a saree to a mall in the Middle Eas

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