‪#‎100sareepact‬ 34/100
This picture is a straight lift from our new house ‘Griha Pravesh’ album. 2013
The minute I saw this saree, I remembered this line from the famous song, ” These are a few of my favourite things….” The chiffon, polka dots, soft net and the gota work, all my favourites in a 6 yards wonder! Without batting my eyelids, you can take a guess what I did next!
This is my favourite place in my new house. Sitting on the wooden steps. During construction, I have supervised the laying of every tile you can see in the water body, the marble slab, the stones on the side wall & the wooden planks etc…! Now I can easily qualify as a ‘mesthri’ or to put it in a more polished way a ‘ Project Manager ‘

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