‪#‎100sareepact‬ 46/ 100
A greeeeeeen saree again & this time it’s a REPEAT!
4th saree in the pact and now the 46th saree too!
This afternoon accompanied husband to the Nikon School training session.
I hadn’t repeated any of my sarees so far, thought I was not doing justice to the pact, hence the idea of draping a saree which I had worn earlier. Since the session was in the afternoon, couldn’t think of draping any fabric but a super light chiffon saree!
As we entered, could see many Indians in there & I was the only Indian lady. When we were registering, a Brit gentleman ( Instructor ) came up to us and said, ” Main aap ke liye kya karsakthahu?” with a British accent & a broad smile!
“Wow! Saree has done the magic”… husband & I were ‘maha’ pleased.😊
The class went on for 3 1/2 hours with loads of information about how to get the best pictures with a professional camera!
My quest for learning new things in life continues…
Below are the two pictures, one taken this afternoon (during the break) & the other, a lift from the 4th saree post in the pact.

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