#100sareepact 17/100
The 1st of July, a bright sunny morning…… was a big day for me. In this white Kanchi saree with beautiful rose embroidered in gold and pink thread all over and a tissue pallu to go with it, all draped fine and with husband in tow, off we drove to the art Cafe’. Yes. My labor of love, 36 of my Tanjore paintings were on display at the second exhibition in the year 2011.
Inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. Mohan Kumar, Indian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain and Mrs. Mala Kumar was indeed an honor. Ribbon was cut to usher in the rest of the esteemed invitees. Amidst dignitaries, guests, acquaintances, friends, soft music, cutting my birthday cake and short eats, the whole day went off beautifully.
This white kanchi saree which was a gift from my loving husband has all of these sweet memories attached to it.

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