I look tired….yes immensely tired as this picture was taken at the end of a very eventful day at work.
The employee engagement team I am a part of, had organised a fundraising event called Breakfast by the bosses where the managers were serving us with a scrumptious buffet breakfast at a nominal cost. The funds collected at this event will be donated to a charity. We do fundraising events every year at work and before the finale event, small workshops or sales are organized. We do quite a lot of eventful things for the fundraising like bake sales, craft workshops, breakfast thing, movies at work, role plays, chai stalls, juice selling, etc. The strength of my organisation is less than 100 in the Bangalore setup and so it becomes even more important to organise as many events as possible to gather maximum funds. The finale of these events usually has food stalls, jewelry stalls, mehendi stalls, games, music, used books and also sapling stalls. Every year this is organised and then the funds collected is donated to a local charity. The best part about donation is that we just don’t donate instead we oraganise a whole day team-building event with the charity organisation and then volunteer for a whole bunch of things and then donate. Every employee come forth to help us reach the mission and this helps us fulfilling the corporate social responsibility in the least possible way we can.

By the way the saree is a jute silk that my sis-in-law chose to be a part of my wedding trousseau….