Wearing the black Bengal cotton saree with delicate embroidery brought with it a gamut of emotions! It started with a religious fervor while visiting two of our extended families ( the Sahoos and the Patnaiks) as they celebrated the Jagannath Rath yatra with a satya Narayan pooja! Had loads of fun with our usual light banter and it was an evening well spent!
Then, a dip! A sharp remark catapulted emotions on a roller coaster ride. But, I quickly got out of it as we needed to pick up a gift for a little girl! Oh boy! Do I love to shop for lil girls !! That too after buying only trousers and shirts for boys all my life!!
So the saree really packed in a lot of bitter sweet memories!
Had Accesorized it with a small ceramic pendant on string and brass/ wooden danglers!!!

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