Dressed quickly for a long, and busy, work day.
I have a set of what I call my “air hostess sarees “. Printed crepes and silks, smooth and soft, no fuss, fabulous drapes, one pin on the pallu and one is as efficient as the air hostesses aboard a plane looking after cranky, whiny people, keeping a keen eye on the drunk asking incessantly for more imported whiskey, in 32C, while smiling in empathy at lady in 22B as her kid bawls his eyes out, and making sure the vegetarian meal reaches that kid in the back.
Today I need to meet a difficult client, edit my video, make sense of a script that is complicated because too many people have a say on it, deliver two other videos, write a bit for the book, visit the police station for passport verification and have promised my son to take him, and the family, to dinner, to a new restaurant we haven’t been to. And it’s just Tuesday !
Now you know why I needed my air hostess saree today. Pink, because I’m going to try very hard to remember that I am my daughter’s mother, and will not lose my cool or use cuss words, especially when the police ask for a bribe to do their work.
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