A bright orange and pink combination, which was an impulse purchase for one of my birthdays, some years ago.

I remember I was going through a low phase; my work was feeling like a drag, I was not making any headway on the promotion that I felt was due to me and I was generally swamped by negativity. So a day before my birthday I went window-shopping, hoping to “treat” myself.

I was n’t really looking forward to liking anything, but when I saw this saree displayed on a mannequin, I loved the bright colours. Have you ever noticed, no matter how low one is feeling, if you happen to see a butterfly flitting around, it has an immediate uplifting effect. I got the same feeling when I saw this one on display. I walked in to the store to see if I might find anything else interesting, but in the end, I ended up buying this one. It does seem to have an uplifting effect every time I drape it:-)