My sister’s mother-in-law loves me like her own daughter. Everytime she picks up a saree for her daughter and daughter-in-law she ensures I get one too 🙂 She is an awesome personality, a gem of a poet and beautiful singer. Truly lucky to have her in my life!

A small poem dedicated to my sis 🙂

Daily banter
Replete with never ending laughter!
Constant barter
Of little things, things that do not even matter!
Aimless loiter
With you it does get better!
Enthusiastic chatter
Above all the din made by little feet going pitter patter!
A soothing comforter
Shielding, protecting many a times like an oyster!
An ardent supporter
A personal confidence booster,
My very own cheerleader!
My Sole sister, my Soul sister

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