I fell in love with this saree in a shop in Hazratganj, Lucknow where we were picking a lehenga for my wedding reception. It was the summer of 2001. My to be mothers-in-law (Amma, my to-be mother-in-law and Mausi, her sister…they’re quite a formidable and adorable team, I know that now) had just been through the ordeal it is to find something subtle and to my taste. It was a moment of elation for all of us at having found common ground without really knowing each other that well. I remember I was a bit conscious about prices and budgets.
And then… I sighted this saree and it was love at first sight! I hesitatingly asked the salesperson to pull it out. Laughing at my lovestruck expression but even more at my hesitation to ask for another piece of clothing, Amma bought it for me and it’s been a favourite ever since. Now, when I see that extensive and expensive trousseau have become normal, I also smile about my hesitation to ask my future in-laws to buy me a simple cotton saree extra! And because of this shared memory, my Amma’s face lights up each time I wear this saree.
The saree is a lightweight doria cotton with a gorgeous woven palla in my absolutely favourite colour.

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