Day 15: Today’s saree is tto adress a complaint from my significant half – you wear sarees gifted by my ma, your ma, my thakuma, but have never worn one given by me. So out comes this saree in my Saree Tuesday. One look at it and he says – whenever you wear this one it rains. And truly enough I remember that the 3 times I have worn this, I have come back home fully drenched. But Hyderabad weather has shown no signs of rain for the past few weeks. So with the utmost confidence, I wear it and start off to work. And lo, we have not travelled even a 100m when small, almost imperceptible drops start covering the car windshield. We exchange glances. Soon enough though it dries up and I let out a sigh of relief. Afternoon and me and my friend go out for a glass of fresh fruit juice. The sky is clear and we brave a walk around DLF. We cover 1/4 of the distance and it all comes down – first in drops, then a torrential downpour. By the time I am running into my office, I am literally kak-bheja. And the rain continues ever since. My saree lives up to its reputation.

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