When I think about all the women who wear a saree all day long and go about their work and life very matter of fact-ly and especially when I think about my grandmas, who would wear the 9-yard version day in and day out (and wash it themselves too), I feel like raising the bar for myself.
In my post on Saree Mondays, I wrote about how I had given up on trying to wear it on Fridays.
So I have made a mini-pact with myself within this Pact…to try and wear it on Mondays and Fridays. Arithmetically too, I figured that I’d need to log in at least 2 sarees a week to get to 100 in a year:-)

So here is my TGIF entry #1….a rama-green, satin crepe embellished with small cut-work flowers in the border and pallu, which was gifted by my favourite connoisseur…my mother. She had given it some years back saying it is a very practical saree for Mumbai monsoons…how true! I like the way it flows and falls, and is so easy to drape and carry.
Ideal for a friday!

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