Saree #11

My mother and my masi picked this bright green leheriya up from their recent trip to Jaipur. My mom is from Rajasthan and such sarees with their vibrant colours have been a part of my life ever since i can remember. This gift from masi was a result of the pact and the faith in me that I will wear sarees from now onwards regularly and not limit them to special occasions!

Paired it with a lovely stone pendant with gold and minakari peacock motif, again bought from Jaipur before i got married. And then went to have maragritas with my favourite girl- Kammeron (friend and colleague) to bid her farewell before she shoots off to a two-week summer break in Europe!! All in all- a very fun day in a bright bright saree!

PS: my husband hasn’t stopped calling me a parrot since I wore this saree 😉

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