How many times has it happened to you that you have stepped out to buy a saree for someone else and returned with a saree for yourself 🙂 For me, that statistic is very close to a 100%. So I have a lot of these “add-on” sarees; unintentional purchases that have been a result of pure temptation!

Introducing here one such add-on saree, #30. Di and I had gone saree shopping to pick a gift for a close friend’s daughter, who was getting married. We found a lovely saree for her, and as always, I said I wanted to just take a look at that blue saree in the corner, and of course, I ended up buying it for myself!

A blue printed gorgette, with a patchwork green and purple border, and a pretty green patchwork creeper running along the palla border. A simple saree with just a touch of bling and beautiful patchwork, this is my usual pick for a small party or evening function. Draped it this weekend for a dinner with close friends and got heaps of compliments 🙂

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